The Neurological Practice was formed by Nikki Penny to provide specialist physiotherapy rehabilitation to people who suffer from a neurological condition. Nikki graduated in 1990 with a BSc in Physiotherapy and has worked as a chartered state registered physiotherapist for the last 25 years.

She quickly developed a passion for neurology and has worked in many neurological rehabilitation units within her NHS career such as Stoke Mandiville Sussex Rehabilitation Centre and lastly became the specialist at the Wolfson Neurological Unit, London.

Nikki has spent many years studying movement. She took an extensive interest in exploring the Bobath Concept of Treatment. She became Advance Bobath trained and enjoyed 7 years involved with the British Bobath Tutor Training Programme.

She also realised the need for a balanced view and studied other concepts such as the gym ball, progressive resistance training, use of orthotics neurology and more recently use of the treadmill for neurological gait training. Nikki is also actively involved in the teaching and performs lecture and workshops teaching therapists about movement and the treatment of movement problems.

Nikki believes in a shared partnership with her patients and strives to help them identify and reach their goals.

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